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Murder 101

In a small Tennessee town, a local serial killer was caught by the most unlikely investigators: A group of high school students, led by their teacher, Alex Campbell. Throughout the course of one school semester, the class pieced together a 30-year-old mystery and identified the killer behind at least six brutal murders. Shockingly, while the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations publicly agrees with their theory, no charges have been filed against the murderer.

True Crimes with John and Deanna

In 2019, Netflix’s true-crime docuseries Don’t F**k With Cats became a sensation, when two amateur sleuths, Deanna Thompson (also known as Baudi Moovan) and John Green tracked down a cat killer who turned to human murder. With millions of views, crime fans propelled the series to become one of the year’s most-streamed shows. In True Crimes, the duo is tackling new unsolved crimes, including the 2022 unsolved murder of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan, whose suspected killer was just arrested.

The Idaho Massacre

On November 13, 2022, four students from the University of Idaho were brutally stabbed to death in an off-campus house. After a lengthy investigation and cross-country manhunt, a Ph.D. student from a neighboring university was charged with the crimes. As it turns out, the 28-year-old was majoring in criminology, studying the behavior of killers, like the ones he would later be accused of becoming. Did he use his skills to become a real-life Dexter Morgan? Were the Idaho victims his first, or was a serial killer hiding in the midst?

Death Island

White sand beaches, untouched jungles, cloudless skies. People come to Thailand to get away from it all. But the seemingly idyllic paradise of Koh Tao, once known as Turtle Island, has turned from beauty to horror as a string of brutal murders and unexplained disappearances have rocked the community. Government cover-ups, corrupt police, bungled investigations, silenced natives, cults. Locals and tourists have come to known this place as: Death Island.

Crazy in Love

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. You see stars, you feel giddy, but sometimes it makes us do crazy things and sometimes that means murder. Crazy In Love digs into the complex and contentious real-life stories of when beautiful love takes a gruesome turn. We explore the murderous lengths people went to in the name of love. Romantic love, motherly, brotherly and sisterly love, bestie bonds and lusty love. They can all make us a little crazy sometimes. Each week explores a new crime, told through a combination of interviews, news footage and narration.

The Masked Singer Podcast

Hosted by Bow Wow – aka THE FROG and his sidekick Brian Strickland – America’s favorite insider informant, this is the only place you get to hang with your favorite un-masked celebrity singers, learn all the backstage intel and discover exciting new clues that you won’t find anywhere else. Each week Bow and Brian lead super-fan detectives closer to figuring out the true identity of the celebrity superstars behind the masks. You never know who might drop by the studio or who might slip up and say too much. It’s fun, fast-paced and covers all things Masked Singer.

The Piketon Massacre

The most notorious mass murder in Ohio’s history happened on the night of April 21, 2016 in rural Pike County. Four crime scenes, thirty-two gunshot wounds, eight members of the Rhoden family left dead in their homes. Two years later a local family of four, the Wagners, are arrested and charged with the crimes. As the Wagners await four back-to-back capital murder trials, the KT Studios team revisits Pike County to examine: crime-scene forensics, upcoming legal proceedings, and the ties that bind the victims and the accused.