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The Masked Singer Podcast



Hosted by Bow Wow – aka THE FROG and his sidekick Brian Strickland – America’s favorite insider informant, this is the only place you get to hang with your favorite un-masked celebrity singers, learn all the backstage intel and discover exciting new clues that you won’t find anywhere else. Each week Bow and Brian lead super-fan detectives closer to figuring out the true identity of the celebrity superstars behind the masks. You never know who might drop by the studio or who might slip up and say too much. It’s fun, fast-paced and covers all things Masked Singer.

Produced By: Bow Wow, Stephanie Lydecker, Courtney Armstrong, Tim Hamilton, Brian Strickland, Jeff Shane, Charlotte Pai, Sam Springli, Leon Stuparich, Andrew Becker

Editing and Sound Design: Rikarlo Handy 

Audio Mixing By: Jason Freeman