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The Pike County Murders: A Family Massacre

Eight members of the Rhoden family are brutally murdered execution-style in four different locations on a night in 2016 by another family they consider friends. "The Pike County Massacre," the story of the largest murder investigation in Ohio's history, exposes an underbelly of violence, pitting family against family, mother against son, brother against brother, in a haunting story of lies, secrets and betrayal.

Murdered and Missing in Montana

The cases of three young, Indigenous women whose deaths on and around the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations remain a mystery.

Executive Producers: Cori Abraham, Courtney Armstrong, Skye Borgman, Jeana Dill, Tim Hamilton, Stephanie Lydecker, Jeff Shane

Injustice with Nancy Grace

Television's most respected legal analyst, Nancy Grace, gets to the bottom of some of the most challenging and multi-layered true crime stories. Each episode exposes an untold and riveting case involving wrongful accusations, botched investigations, suppressed evidence, unclear motives, unjust sentences and the path forward in seeking justice. Along with first-hand interviews and archival footage, the series uncovers enthralling true crime stories with ultimate vindication.

The Piketon Family Murders

In 2016, eight members of a family were found dead in the small Ohio rural community of Piketon. This two-hour documentary follows as investigators follow leads to uncover the mystery behind this horrific incident.

Executive Producers: Stephanie Lydecker, Josh Murphy, Cori Abraham, Jeana Dill, Jeff Shane